Mr.&Mrs.Bott || Dacula, GA Wedding


Lauren and Steven were married on a slightly warm fall afternoon at the Hunts Barn in Dacula, GA. We were honored to be the ones photographing this beautiful day. It truly was a stunning day! 

After Steven&Lauren's epic engagement session with us, after seeing how well they did in front of the camera, we knew their wedding was going to be just as amazing. And it was!

We arrived super early to The Hunts Barn (which you need to get married at and hire us if you are. New favorite wedding venue, guys!!) to tour around and scout some locations for the day. When I went upstairs to see Lauren, she was finishing her last minute touches and was completely stunning. She wasn't even in her gown yet and I was completely blown away and I knew that Steven would no doubt feel the same!

Lauren was giddy, nervous, and so excited. Charlie let me know that when he and Steven started the walk down to the first look location, Steven couldn't help but be emotional even then. Charlie was taking some portraits of Steven before the first look and they kept taking breaks for him to take a breathe and dry up some of the tears. I thought that was THE sweetest thing I'd ever heard! For your groom to be crying just knowing that he's heading out to see you for the first time on your wedding day...that's some very sweet love. So incredible to see.

I shared about their first look on instagram and  talked about how we started out the first look a little closer to Steven and Lauren. We always do our best to not get too close during that moment, but we quickly realized that we needed to step back and let them have a true moment, to themselves. We got their reactions up close of course, but sometimes you just need to step back and let that time be all theirs. Steven got so emotional it was just the sweetest thing and Lauren quickly realized their need to be totally alone. We completely respected that and backed away, taking only shots from afar. Believe me when I say that first looks are still very much so just as special as when you see each other coming down the aisle!

From there, the day just got better and better. Steven cried again as Lauren came down the aisle to meet him and become his wife. The ceremony was short but sweet and placed in the most beautiful settings under the trees.

One of my favorite moments from the ceremony was when Lauren's brother brought his Mom down the aisle and then he took a seat next to his Grandmother. As soon as he sat down, his Grandmother said (plenty loud for everyone to hear), "You are SO cute, I could just squeeze your cheeks!" She totally made him laugh along with everyone else there and it was really one of my favorite moments ever! 

Lauren and Steven, we are so thankful to have been able to capture this day for you! Thank you again for asking us to be a part of it! It was a wonderful day:)