Heather and Ben || Maternity Session in Dacula, Ga

Heather and Ben are going to be the cutest parents! I had the pleasure of meeting them and working with them thanks to some parents of the kids that Ben coaches! As a gift for Ben and Heather, a sweet parent of one of the kids that Ben coaches reached out to me to see if they could buy a session for Heather and Ben. I excitedly helped them get it set up and before I knew it, we had the session in the books!

Ben and Heather were so flexible with their time and where the location would be, it was a breeze to make their session happen. They were trusting of me from the very beginning, even when we showed up to our location to find everything overgrow. Weeds were to my shoulders and there were briars and ANT beds galore! But besides the ants, overgrowth doesn’t always matter in photos and the overgrown look actually looks good in photos! These two had faith in me that I knew what I was doing and knew the location would be amazing which meant so much to me! 

The location did turn out stunning and these are some of my very favorite maternity photos ever! Unfortunately Ben fell victim to a huge ant pile during one set up and handled tons of ants all over him with such grace. I was amazed and also horrified at the same time that I didn't help prevent that from happening, but they were truly the sweetest about it and moved right along with photos. From now on though, I’m super paranoid about where I make people stand…:/

I can’t wait to see these two become parents! I really think they’re going to do great! I loved getting to know them a bit and even found out that Ben was a coach for my brother the year before! Small world. I have seen and heard only good things about these two and am anxiously waiting to hear of their sweet baby boy’s arrival!

Not much longer now! Enjoy their sweet photos below!