The Connor Family

So excited to be blogging these sweet photos of the Connor Family! Christine and I worked together at Borrowing Magnolia and have talked about taking her family photos for a bit. It happened at last and I was so pleased to meet her family!! 

Her twins, Harper and Ethan, were SO cute! These photos were specifically to celebrate and document them turning 2 years old! Hanging out with the twins did not help my recent baby fever at all. They were just too cute. Harper loved running around, sometimes with the balloons (so she was so cute to snap photos of), chasing any dog she saw, and making her Mom chase behind her;) I'm pretty sure she's going to be a great runner one day!;) And Ethan, loved snacks. And the big dump truck we found. And snacks! The best part of the session was when we told Harper to hug Ethan. She raised her arms, and hugged herself! We all busted out laughing which made them laugh, and which made for the cutest pictures;)

I want to give a little encouragement here from a photographer's perspective about taking family photos. I hear a lot of apologies from parents during sessions if the kids aren't quite behaving, which I appreciate, but, I want to let parents know that it is really OK! 

I'm sure it can seem daunting as parents to think of getting your pictures taken with little ones, but don't stress! Running around chasing them is a possibility. Bribing with snacks and treats is usually a must, and not always being able to get every shot posed is very likely. But, it's ok! I never expect kids to understand that they need to look at the camera, smile, and stay put. It's a lot for them and not normal to them to have to do that. That's why I typically go into family sessions with a lifestyle-type shoot in mind. There is lots of playing, lots of being ready for whatever, and always staying on your toes being ready to play peek-a-boo, or cheer about anything, and sneak in some "posed" shots whenever the moment calls for it. It's all about being flexible and just having as much fun as you can with it! When they're having fun, the shots turn out fun and natural, and our goal is that they perfectly represent their personalities at that age too;) So don't be hard on yourself if your kids didn't sit just right the whole session or smile on command. It's totally normal and great! You're doing awesome even just by getting the family to a photo session clean and coordinated! ;) You're doing awesome. #yourock 

Enough of me rambling though! ;) I'm excited for you to meet the Connor Family! I'm so glad we got to do this session and hang out with them! I can't wait for our next session this fall!