Athens Bridal Show Experience

We had such a great time at the Bridal Show yesterday! We loved getting to meet each of the Brides that stopped by and we are so excited for them as they plan their wedding! If you're one of those Brides that came by, THANK YOU for taking the time to come to the show and visit our booth! We hope you had a great time at the show and weren't too overwhelmed by everything.

I sent out an email about this this afternoon and talked about this a bit but, we want to encourage you, and all Brides, to really savor this season of your engagement and have FUN! You can plan this, you can do this, you will get done what needs to get done, and all the stress and planning will be worth it when you're married!!

We know that so many times in the planning process, it seems all you hear is to get things done NOW or YESTERDAY and that you don't have time, but don't feel pressured! The common thing I heard from Brides yesterday was about how stressed they were that they were running out of time to get everything planned and they've heard you need at least a year to plan everything. WRONG! You've got time, and you can totally do this! Charlie and I got married in 8 months. People have had much shorter engagements than that, and they are married! It can be done!

I hate hearing that brides are getting stressed out by vendors or to-do lists because of the unnecessary pressure. I did the same thing while planning my wedding, and stressing way too much is something I totally regret doing during my engagement. So breathe, relax, and go on a date night when things get overwhelming. It will be ok. :)

There is your little dose of encouragement for today!

If you're a Bride and you're looking to book a photographer, stress free, let's chat!;)

I'm sharing some photos from our booth at yesterday's Bridal Show in Athens. It was really incredible! I'm so thankful to be able to be a part of these shows. I remember when Charlie and I were engaged and we attended the show in Duluth and walked up and down the rows and talked about how crazy it would be if we could ever have a booth in a show someday. I remember thinking I could probably never get to that point where we could host a booth, never get that bold to take that step and put ourselves out there. I'm so glad we have taken that leap and I'm so thankful for all of Charlie's hard work in helping me put this all together. He's been eternally encouraging and I really truly know that I could not have done these shows without him. I love him tons:)

Enjoy the photos! And to all our new Brides, WELCOME!