Morgan&Kyle || One Year Anniversary

This is a FUN and of course, very colorful session that I loved! I was thrilled to hear from one of my recent bridesmaids, Morgan, inquiring about a one year session for her and her husband. That alone is exciting enough, and then she mentioned using color powder. Like the awesome stuff they use in The Color Run! My excitement went through the roof. Morgan and Kyle are just the sweetest. Morgan was so caring and hospitable when I shot our close friend's wedding that she was in. I think having the same name just gave us this instant bond;) 

I of course loved the session because of all the fun involved in it, but I really loved seeing how Morgan and Kyle interact together. They love each other SO much! It shows through every photo. Candids are my favorite because they are so much more real than posed, and these two have the sweetest candids. They're relationship is full of love for the Lord, love for each other, laughter from pure joy, thoughtfulness, passion, and just sweet kindness. These two are some of my favs:)

I hope you love love love these photos as much as I do. Keep an eye out for the photos where rain started to sprinkle on us towards the end of the session which created this totally magical looking setting full of color and love. You have to see it!

Thank you again to Morgan and Kyle for blessing me with this fun session with ya'll! Congratulations on year ONE of marriage! You guys are doing it right:)