Blake+Taylor || Married

This is an exciting day for me right now because at last, I get to blog the stunning wedding of Blake and Taylor Ward! We finally got internet at our home so be ready, there is nothing holding me back to blog now! I can't wait for you to see these photos though so let me tell you about the beautiful day of July 2nd, 2016.

I was thrilled to hear from Taylor about photographing their wedding! Blake, Taylor's now husband, is the brother of one of our previous Grooms! So we were ecstatic to be able to see some familiar faces again and be able to work with the wonderful Ward family again!

Taylor and Blake are just the sweetest people you could ever meet. Taylor and Blake together are just about the cutest couple you could ever meet! Their love for each other literally makes them glow! Their joy is just contagious and it was so evident throughout their wedding day. 

The day was beautiful. It was VERY hot, but for sure beautiful. Taylor and Blake and their whole wedding party were great sports dealing with the heat throughout the day. Thankfully their venue, The Foundry at Puritan Mill , was the perfect place to do indoor portraits as well! Because of that, and because of how everyone involved literally looked like models, these portraits are some of my top favorites. I also love how Taylor+Bake honored the 4th of July with it being a few days away by including so many fun pops of the american flag everywhere. So look out for those!

Some of my favorite photos from the whole day? I have SO many! But to name of few...the photo of Taylor's bridesmaids through the window emotionally watching Taylor+Blake have their first look. The very emotional photos of Taylor's Dad seeing her for the first time right as they were lining up to walk her down the aisle. (Props to Charlie for being there and getting it all;)

And another favorite that comes to mind is the photo of Taylor and Blake saying goodbye for the last time as individuals. We knew it was time to line up and before we stole Taylor away to hide her, Blake stopped and took Taylor, and kissed her goodbye. They parted ways with a "see you in there!", knowing that this was it. All the waiting, all the anticipation, all the planning for their marriage, it was about to be here. They were about to be married! The next time Blake would see Taylor was when she was walking down the aisle towards him to marry him, and i'm so glad he caught the moment right there to slow it all down and say goodbye.

It's moments like these that make me pinch myself and have a hard time believing that THIS is my job. It's amazing. It's remarkable, and I'm very thankful for all these opportunities that our clients give us to be there for their best day ever. It's an honor:)

Taylor and Blake, THANK YOU for asking and trusting Charlie and me to be there and capture your wonderful day! We will always cherish being a part of it and we hope you will always cherish your wedding day because of these photos. Congratulations!