The Edwards || Mini Anniversary Session

When dear sweet friends come to visit you and ask you to take a few photos of them, you do it! These two people are some of our very favs! Charlie and CR met through college and so naturally I met Christin through them. Charlie and and I are so thankful to have these good people in our lives. They are some of the most encouraging, genuine, refreshing, Christ seeking, faithful, kind, caring, (etc.!!) people you could ever know. They are those type of people that are just so good for the soul to spend time with and be around. We are so blessed to have known them for the time we have and look forward to walking through the rest of our lives with them! Oh the many fishing, hiking, and camping adventures still to come with them make us so excited!

They are coming up on celebrating 2 years of marriage just as we just did and we are so happy for them! Taking their photos was a flashback to photographing their sweet wedding day. I was so happy to get the chance to photograph them again and was so excited for them to be our very first session held at our home! Enjoy flipping through the photos we got from our little 10 minute backyard session!

We love ya'll, CR and Christin! Thank you for your friendship:)