The Ledford Family|| 2016

I'm back from a loooong time of not blogging. I'll be honest folks, I'm just not good at putting time aside to blog! But when sessions like this one come along, I have to share it with everyone and I make the time! There are quite a few more sessions in the "must share" category that need to be posted, so here's to hoping this is the start of getting them all posted to the world!:)

I was so thrilled when Kelli contacted me about getting their family photos done! Charlie and I go to church with this adorable, sweet family and have loved seeing the journey of their family growing! They were great sports to wake up early on a cold, Saturday morning and get all dressed up just for photos! We met at another church family's gorgeous property and I was so excited to find that it actually looked like FALL there! Everything came together so well, even after Davis surprised Mom and Dad with an epic spit up RIGHT in the middle of a set of pictures! I of course kept right on shooting right through the whole incident and I'm kinda glad I did;) It wasn't too fun for everyone when it happened, but looking back, it's a lot easier for them to laugh now I'm sure;) #REALLIFE , am I right?? You will have to look out for the set of photos of that incident hidden in with the rest of these photos below;)

Thank you again, Ledford Family for asking me to capture these for you all! It was a joy! :)