The Simonettes || 12.27.16 Wedding at Ventanas Atlanta, GA

A few months ago I was contacted by Jo about her upcoming wedding. She told me it was going to be a very small gathering with friends and family in Atlanta and, that it was going to be on a Tuesday! Even though we only "met" over the phone, I knew we were going to be a good match and that Jo's wedding was going to be a stunning and sweet one! She booked us within hours of speaking and we waited for the day to come!

December 27th came and it was a cloudy but slightly warm one. I was blown away by how beautiful Jo and Nick's venue was with it's rooftop patio and almost 360 views over Atlanta. It was an incredible place! What was most incredible though was how much you could just SEE the love between Jo and Nick. They had the best chemistry that made their portraits just flow so easy and effortlessly. I also loved that they knew just how to have fun together and to not let anything stress them out. Their wedding was one of the most relaxed days I've been a part of and I know it's because Jo and Nick had a calm, cool, and fun attitude the entire time. It was so evident that they were in love and so happy to just be together and to be getting married!

Some of my favorite moments of the day were Nick's emotions as he saw Jo for the first time, and during the reception when a small crowd of guests gathered around to watch Nick and Jo and their friends play one of the most intense games of giant Jenga I have ever seen! 

It was a beautiful day that I was so happy to have been a part of! Special thanks to Angelina of Asterisk Photography for helping me out big time and taking Charlie's place as second shooter! We made a great team!:)

And big thanks to Jo and Nick for giving us the honor of photographing your incredible wedding day! We wish you just the happiest marriage! You're off to a great start in my opinion;)