Bedroom & Bathroom Redo || Personal Post

This post is a little random, but one that we have been waiting to post for awhile! In July 2016, we moved into our first home! We jumped head first into our first redo project, the Master+Master Bath. The layout of the bedroom and bathroom was just too odd to handle. We decided to just start the project before we moved in, because no better time than the present;) Our goal was to keep the project between $5,000-$7,000 and we did just that by doing about 90% of the project ourselves! Really, I did maybe 5% and Charlie did the other 85%. I am so very thankful that Charlie was persistent about doing most of the work himself, even when I would beg (like a brat) and ask him to hire out some things. We only hired out for the shower, and walking into our bathroom now and being able to look around and see all that we did ourselves, it makes me so much more proud that we accomplished this on our own. Charlie is SO talented and continues to blow me away with his hard work ethic and determination to do it himself and do it the best way possible. I love this husband of mine:) 

So enough of me talking here, let's get into pictures!

And that is our project, complete! Of course as I mentioned, we still have some decorating to do, but we definitely qualify this as done! Again, I'm so thankful for my husband. He stuck with it all, did his very best, and had great patience with me as we went through this. Even after I did not make it easy for him to be patient with me! His talents seem to never end, and I am forever grateful that he is blessed in that way. He is truly amazing. 

I also have to thank everyone who helped us in so many ways with this project. From helping with electrical, drywall, insulation, plumbing, and carpentry, to getting on hands and knees for hours laying the floor. We are forever thankful and owe you big. :)

We were crazy for tackling this, but I'm very proud of us for doing it, and doing it just 2 years into marriage together and coming out just as in love as before;)

We did it, Charlie!:)