Mr.&Mrs.Lynn || North Metro Church in Buford, Georgia


Today is a special post, not only because it's mine and Charlie's 3rd Wedding Anniversary (!!) but because you are about to meet a sweet sweet couple. 

Less than a month ago, we had the privilege of photographing the wedding of Katherine and Caleb Lynn. It was a true honor! Not only are these two totally adorable and the best models a photographer could ever dream of, but these two reeeeealllly really love each other. Really. It was so very sweet to see.

Caleb literally melted when he saw Katherine for the first time. He was in tears as soon as he just heard her walking out to get in place for their first look. He turned around and took a few extra seconds to open his eyes almost as if he knew he was going to just bawl when he saw how stunning she looked. Sure enough, he opened his eyes and immediately cried. He kept apologizing for crying but really, I love it when guys show their deepest emotions when they see their bride for the first time on their wedding day. I love it when they really just can't control the tears because they are THAT amazed of their bride's beauty. It makes the moment all that much more special. If you're on the fence about choosing to do a first look or not because you think first looks aren't as special, scroll down to see theirs. It will make you want to do a first look, I guarantee it. 

Skip forward to the ceremony to the moment Katherine came down the aisle. They were both in tears. Everyone was in tears! It was beautiful. It was as if they hadn't seen each other yet. I think the emotions came from just the realization that, it's here. We're about to get married. No more waiting, no more distance. It's here! These two did some long distance during their engagement. Distance as in, Caleb was in TEXAS and Katherine was here in Georgia! That's tough.

But now, they're married. They're together at last and don't have to worry about any more goodbyes. They're together, at last.

Katherine and Caleb's ceremony was one of my very favorites to ever witness. Katherine's Dad is the music pastor, so it not only was filled with worship music, but had a FULL choir! I stepped back at one moment during a song and couldn't help but be overwhelmed by how incredible the moment was. God's presence could be felt there. I know He is always near, but you could feel it then. His love was being shown through this ceremony. It was incredible. I'm pretty sure I had goosebumps the entire ceremony. We loved it so much.

It's encouraging to see Caleb and Katherine's love for each other stem from their deep love for the Lord. They clearly strive to see each other grow closer to the Lord and to each other in the process. It was amazing to witness these two become one.

Mr.&Mrs.Lynn, thank you for asking us to be your photographers! We are so grateful!

If you can't tell, we're excited to share this day. We want you to be able to enjoy it, so go see it! 

(P.S. Impressed props go to Caleb for gifting Katherine a new pretty bible with her new name printed on it. Just a little advice for you guys looking for a good gift of your bride...that's it!;)