The Williams & McMillians || Family Portraits

I love these people. These families. They've done so much for Charlie and me and we're so thankful to call all of them friends. We love them and they are loved by many! Just during our session we had multiple people rush up to greet them and even grab a picture with them! I look forward to not just hanging out with each of these people, but look forward to our family sessions every year. It's always such a joy to hang out with them! 

This year's session did not disappoint. Even though it was humid, SO humid, and it seems like the world was just totally against us getting to take these photos, we got the photos done:) We all met at Little Mulberry Park one Saturday morning and headed to my favorite spot. We actually only used this one spot for the entire session which is a very great and telling thing! This group is so happy to be together, it shows so much so that we didn't need a bunch of different spots to keep the session interesting. They love each other so much and just have FUN together, that different locations just didn't matter to make the session. The people in the photos made the session. 

Now, i'm not saying that having a lot of locations in your session is a bad thing! Because it's not! I'm all about that! But sometimes, keeping it simple is best. Just hanging out under a big oak tree with family is all you need.

"Better Together"

Such a true statement for this sweet bunch!

Enjoy looking through these photos! And while you're looking through, don't forget to notice all the adorable times our little buddy Gabe just couldn't help but be in the photos too!;)

Love you all!