New York City || Personal Post

Our fall wedding season is about to be in FULL force. We will have 6 weddings in a row and I'm still trying to prepare my mind on how I'm going to edit all of them in a reasonable time. I'm looking forward to the season though! We can't wait for all these beautiful weddings to happen and the incredible couples to be married at last! Thankfully the Lord blessed me with a week of nothing due, so I took full advantage and have been doing my best to get personal photos edited and printed.

One of the first projects on the list was photos from our trip to NYC for Kaitlyn and Eric's Wedding  ! We didn't take a bunch of photos of everything, but we took enough to remember the trip exactly how we cherished it. Charlie did basically all the photography on our leisure days. This was his very first time to NYC so he had a sort of "Photo Bucket List" that we tried our best to completely check off! 

We woke up around 2:30AM (am!!) on a Thursday morning and were thankfully driven to the airport by Charlie's sweet Grandmother. She let us spend the night at her house so our drive to the airport would only be 20 minutes instead of over an hour. When Charlie and I fly, we are the types of travelers who are at the airport waaayyyyy before you need to be. Our greatest fear was missing that flight and that was not going to happen!

We made our flight and landed in New Jersey around 8am. We hit the ground running as we had a long list of must-see places to cram into the one day we decided to spend in the city. I was a total tourist and a bit of an extreme planner and I printed out a map with each place we wanted to see and starred each location so we could physically see where we needed to go. The last thing we wanted to do was waste time on the street trying to figure out where to go next, so we had a solid plan and we stuck to it. We made it to all the places except for about 2. I think we had 14 places on the list, so we call that a success.

We ended up walking 14 miles in that one day! It was an extremely hot and humid day in the city and I think that day will go down as the most we have ever sweat in our entire lives. Ever. But we took full advantage of the day and I'm so glad we did. We felt like experts of the subway by the end of the day and only got on the wrong train twice. ;)

I fully enjoyed watching Charlie experience the city for the first time. It had been years since I had been and we even got to go to places I had never seen, so it was just a really special trip for the both of us. Charlie even got to go see Connecticut for the first time which is where my Grandma Bruce and Bruce (her husband of course;) live. They were so very sweet to let us stay with them and they even took us on a full tour of their town! Charlie got to eat seafood which was another check off our "must-do" list, so he was thrilled. Ridgefield, CT is one of my favorite towns so it was fun for me to see Charlie experience Connecticut and finally SEE the places I talked about visiting while growing up. It's just fun to walk down memory lane with my husband. :)

We were so thankful for the opportunity Eric and Kaitlyn gave us to take this trip. It was all because of them that we have these memories and we are forever grateful for that and them!! Looking forward to future trips with this guy that you're about to see stuff his face with a hot dog;)

I love you, Charlie!:)