Anderson || Senior Portraits

I had the BEST time taking Anderson's senior portraits with his family. The Baileys are a well-known, well-loved family in our community, so it was just a joy to be able to take these photos for them.

We met up at Britt Angus Farm in Hartwell, Ga this past Sunday night and just roamed all around the farm. We chased cows, encouraged cows to move to better light, tried to get sheep to corporate (failed), and fired up an old truck and huge tractor. If you are looking for a good natural, farm setting type wedding venue, this is your place!! I loved this place after shooting Kevin and Lori's wedding here, and I'm so glad that The Baileys had special connections for us to take full advantage of the gorgeous property.

We took TONS of photos of Anderson which made me so thankful that he stuck it out and made it through without ever complaining! I just fully enjoyed my time taking these and can't believe Anderson is a senior?! SO crazy. As you'll see, Anderson is crazy talented especially when it comes to sports, so I know he is going places for sure! 

Thank you so much to Anderson and his family for asking em to take these photos for you! I hope you all enjoy looking through them:)