CR & Christin || Anniversary Session, Gainesville, GA

I love these two. These are two dear friends of mine and Charlie's and we always have so much fun with them. We have know each other for I think...6 years now? And those years have just been full of incredible memories and awesome adventures. And there are more to come! We just finished booking our lodging for a trip out west this summer with these two and we can not wait to experience that trip!

This Christmas I wanted to create a photo book for them that had some photos of our past times together over all these years, and I would be lying if I said I didn't cry a bit while going through all those old photos. These two just mean so much to us and we are so very thankful that the Lord placed them in our lives! I love doing life with CR and Christin and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for all of us!

We took their photos a few months ago on one of the first bitterly cold rainy days of the season of course! They were troopers for putting up with me and the weather so we kept the session short and sweet and quickly ran to a few different spots at CR's family's gorgeous property. It literally rained on us the whole time and we were soaked and shivering by the end of the session, but i'm so glad we were able to capture some sweet photos for them!

I'm just so happy to call these people our friends. Enjoy their photos below!