Jordan & Josh|| Charleston, SC Engagement Session

I am back to blogging guys! It’s been a long time. This year has been crazy and I underestimated how much work it would hold and how little time I would have to blog. But we’re just doing the best we can;)

I’m excited to share Jordan and Josh’s engagement session in our dream photo location, Charleston, SC! Jordan contacted me back in the spring I believe and I was stoked to hear that she lived near Charleston, a place Charlie and I love a little too much. Jordan and Josh were going to travel to Atlanta for their session, but I slightly heavily hinted that Charlie and I had dreamed of having a session in Charleston and that we would love to come to them for a small travel fee. So we met in Charleston!

This session was everything we ever dreamed of and more and we couldn’t have had a more perfect couple to photograph in this beautiful place. Jordan and Josh are the kind of people you instantly like being around and after a few minutes of meeting feel like they’re close friends. We loved getting to meet them and let me tell you, we are incredibly excited to photograph their wedding next spring! The chemistry and just joy that they have together makes our job crazy easy and makes us so excited to work with them again!

They’re total pros at being models;) We are so thankful they chose us to be their photographers and trusted us to travel to them and capture their season of engagement in their gorgeous city! April 26th, 2019 come quickly!!