Mr.&Mrs.Bridges|| Married at Little River Farms, Alpharetta Georgia


I'm a little behind on blogging, but I'm excited to jump back into things with Trey and Macy's wedding at Little River Farms! This was our first time at this venue and let me just say, I highly recommend this venue and if you're going to get married there, please call me;)

Trey and Macy were married on a beautiful Friday the 13th. Really! It was one of the first warm weather weddings of the year for us and we were so excited that they were blessed with such a perfect day! Even if there was bad weather to be in the forecast, I'm pretty sure nothing could've ruined this day and the joy that Trey and Macy had for their wedding day. This wedding was truly a favorite of mine, mostly because of how undeniably in love Trey and Macy are with each other. Their excitement for everything was contagious and I really think that is part of the reason why their wedding day went so smoothly. Seriously, this day went off without a hitch. It was kinda perfect;)

One of my FAVORITE parts of the day and most memorable part to me was, when Trey saw Macy for the first time. As she walked down the aisle to him, he couldn't hold back the tears. He also literally could not take his eyes off of her. His face said it all and you knew that he was in pure awe of her. His reaction was the reason I ended up crying behind the camera. I was thrilled at how genuine and refreshing their love for each other was, and I'm so glad I got to witness it.

This day was honestly full of moments like those. Trey and Macy are two very well loved people. They were surrounded by dear friends and family who each meant so much to them which just created such a warm and welcoming atmosphere throughout the whole day. I felt part of the family after just spending these few hours with them. This day was just incredible and I can't say enough good things about the day and this sweet couple. But hopefully, the photos will do the rest of the talking for me and you will see for yourself just how great the day was.

This wedding calls for me to share a few tips to future Brides, Grooms, and families of someone getting married:

First to everyone: Relax. Enjoy the day.

Brides: Be excited. You're about to be married and that is the only thing that matters about the whole day. You are about to become one with your future husband. It's going to be amazing and it's going to go by quick, so take it in and enjoy it. Don't sweat the small OR big stuff because it honestly doesn't matter. Truly, you will regret stress but you will not regret going with the flow and finding every way possible to be happy in every moment of your day.

Grooms: Cherish this day too, and cherish that gorgeous Bride of yours. Don't worry about "showing your emotions too much". Cry if you want to cry, get excited if you're excited. People love to see guys so genuinely head over heels in love with their Bride, but most importantly, your Bride will love to see that most. She will remember that part the most about the whole day. The way you loved her. It speaks so loud, and that's something to keep in mind throughout your whole marriage.

Families: Just be there. Be the support and the calm of the day. Be ready to gracefully take on whatever comes, but most importantly, be the peace of the day. It's a fast day and a super important day for you too. Don't let it pass you by. 

I got sappy there for a moment but this family, Bride and Groom, did all these things and did them so well which I think is why this day went SO great. I just thought I'd pass along those little secrets;)

Thank you for everything, Trey and Macy! We were so honored to be a part of your wedding day!