Mr.&Mrs.Heller|| Rockmart, Georgia Wedding


Felicia and Scott were married on a Friday with the most perfect weather at In the Woods wedding venue in Rockmart, GA. The planner let us in on a little secret that Sam Hunt (yea, the country singer one) was secretly married there last year! So neat!

But what's even better than Sam Hunt getting married at the venue you're photographing, is this couple. Oh my gosh these two are wonderful. We had just the greatest time getting to know Felicia and Scott, their friends, and families. These are the sweetest people. The whole day was just so special and so full of joy and sweet moments.

Felicia. She has one of the greatest servants hearts I think I have ever seen. As soon as Charlie and I arrived, she was offering us food, drink, anything we needed to make us feel welcome. All day I witnessed her putting everyone else first and her always last. She actually took the garbage out at one point so it was out of the way for everyone! She even called me the day after their wedding to thank us again and make sure we had a great time. She is amazing. That sweet, sweet Scott is one lucky man to have her as his wife. ;) Felicia's way of serving and being hospitable to all was such a good example and reminder to me of how the Lord desires to see us live. Makes me emotional just thinking about it! She makes that kind of impact on people's lives which I think is just so amazing! 

I can't leave Scott out though. I didn't get to hang out with him as much that day, but what I did see and what Charlie shared with me about him, shows me that he and Felicia are such a great pair. He was so kind and respectful and was so energetic and up for anything all day long! You could tell that he truly just was filled with pure joy and wanted to do anything he could to make Felicia happy too. I just love these two so much!

Some of my favorite moments of the day was when all of Scott's groomsmen carried a single rose down the aisle to place on Scott's late best friends' memorial they had on stage. It was a heartbreaking thing to hear about Scott's best friend passing, so we loved they way they included him into the ceremony, and throughout the whole day, in such a unique and meaningful ways. 

I also loved watching Felicia and her Dad's surprise first dance. You MUST see those photos! They shocked the crowd with their performance and the whole thing was just so fun to watch!

We are crazy stoked for these two to be married at last. We had been looking forward to this day for quite a few months and it finally arrived with the most perfect weather at the most beautiful place. We were honored to be their photographers to capture it all. I know we say this about every wedding, but really truly, at every wedding, we are honored to be there. Guys, it's a big deal to be a couple's photographers! We have an important role and we couldn't be more grateful when people choose us and trust us with that importance. It means so much!

Congratulations to Mr.&Mrs.Heller!!